At Artesian Spring Oriental Medicine, our newest tagline is “Be Seen Deeper.”

But what does that mean?

I shot a short video to answer just that question. Take a look!




Be seen deeper.

What does that mean?

It means that you’re not seen on a superficial level. It means you’re not judged on your appearance. It means that you’re not seen as nothing but a set of symptoms. It means that what you have to say isn’t discounted. It means that you’re not just another number. It means you don’t have to sit in your underwear in a cold sterile room for 45 minutes just to get 7 minutes of your practitioner’s time.

Be seen deeper.

It means that when you’re seen by me, I see more than you expect. TCM Pulse Diagnosis, Tongue Diagnosis, and Chinese Physiognomy/Face Reading, allow for a deeper insight into your daily life, your diet, your stress level, your emotional state, and your health conditions.

These skills allow me a view into deeper levels of your being. Deeper levels that may be the root cause of your imbalance. These may be things you keep hidden because they’re too painful to bring into the present. These are things kept in the dark because you’d be left vulnerable if they were brought to light. Old injuries. Old emotional wounds. Old traumas.

These are the things, if addressed and processed, which create massive change and positive transformation in your life. But you keep them deep for a reason. So, it takes courage and bravery to be vulnerable and create space for transformation.

To be seen deeper, means that I’m here for you.

It means you have a safe space to step through your fear into those old vulnerable places. It means that you’re not alone. It means that you are supported. It means that you are truly seen, heard, and valued.

Be seen deeper.

To be seen deeper, means holism. It means working with your body, mind, and spirit. It means using all 5 Branches of Chinese Medicine – Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Herbal Medicine, Dietetics, and Qi Gong Exercise. It means a multi-disciplinary approach. Utilizing other experts when needed – Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Counselors, and more.

To be seen deeper, means caring deeper. It means I do what’s necessary to get you what you need, but perhaps not necessarily what you want. It means you won’t be patronized, enabled, or coddled. It means you’ll have support to stay disciplined and dedicated to your success. It means transfiguration by tough love.

To be seen deeper, means having a deeper belief in your own self.

You might be asked to step outside of your comfort zone. Through bravery, moving through fear, and journeying into your challenges, you’ll create amazingly deep transformation for yourself. And when you do this, you’ll be stronger. You’ll be healthier. You’ll be happier. You’ll become the person you were meant to be. And others will take notice.

This is what it means to be seen deeper.

So you have the choice – do you want to be seen just skin deep? Or do you want to be seen in a deep, truly authentic way?

I invite you to be seen deeper. You can start by calling 970-416-9600 to schedule an appointment or please explore more of Let’s see if working with me is a right fit for you.