Fox Haven Herbal Partners

We work with a variety of partners to provide the best Chinese Herbal Medicine solutions for our patients.

Botanical Biohacking

Botanical Biohacking produces some of the best and most effective herbal teas I have found on the market.

Good Ol’ Boys

Good Ol’ Boys is a Colorado based Hemp company that creates some of the most effective CBD products on the market. Depending on your needs this may be a great solution for your ongoing physical needs.

CMD Skin Solutions

CMD Skin Solutions is one of my favorite Chinese Herbal Medicine brands that focuses on skin care. Their formulations are geared towards helping your skin feel and look better.

Blue Poppy Enterprises

Blue Poppy produces several formulations that I have taken and found to be quite useful, not only for me but for some of my patients as well.

Evergreen Chinese Medicine

Evergreen Chinese medicine produces high quality herbal mixtures that have been used for thousands of years while holding to modern standards of good manufacturing practices.

Lucky Fox Remedies

Fox Haven Aesthetics own brand includes Taoist Stone Elixirs and our own formulations of Chinese Herbal Medicines.