It’s with great disappointment that I must inform you, my readers, that the blog I’ve been writing since 2007 has been obliterated. Due to how my former web host, AllProWebTools, modified the blog code, I can’t get my blog pages to upload back into WordPress. AllProWebTools claims it’s not their responsibility and they’ve given my new web guy everything he needs to get it back up. However, he is unable to do that because of how the code has been modified. Consequently, I now no longer can provide you with the 9 years of content that I once did.

I’m terribly sorry. I made a mistake. I did business with the wrong business. And now you, my readers, suffer for it. I hope that you’ll please forgive me.

Because I care about you, I feel compelled to give you a warning. It is my personal recommendation that you be very careful if you decide to deal with AllProWebTools. They have a good product. I didn’t want to leave them. But in my opinion, their customer service was so severely lacking that I was forced to make the move. So, please be cautious.

Ok. So, that being said, every new end marks a beginning. I’m looking forward to adding new content. I’m excited to get back to blogging. If you have questions or ideas for posts, please let me know.

Thank you for your support!