Although the Purple Cloud Ointment formula has been around for several hundred years, not too many of us here in the States know about it. So I want to make sure that folks are aware of it. It’s too good not to share.

Purple Cloud Ointment

Due to the climate here in Northern Colorado, most of us have really dry skin. And it can be a problem when we’re trying to be active outdoors or at work. I’ve personally encountered patients with such deep cracks on their heels that they look shattered. Others have has splits in the hands or fingers that just don’t seem to heal up once the weather turns cold. But luckily, there’s Traditional Chinese Medicine to the rescue. And it comes in the form of Purple Cloud Ointment.

From a Traditional Chinese Medicine standpoint, Purple Cloud Ointment, also known as Zi Yun Gao or Shiunko, clears Heat from the Blood, enriches the Blood, and helps clear Toxins. That means it helps moisten dry, cracking skin, helps repair chronic non-healing cuts or scrapes, and helps stop itching.

A really basic formula for Purple Cloud Ointment includes the herbs below. Just for fun, I’ve also included their Traditional Chinese Medicine properties:

  • Rx. Lithospermi / Zi Cao – cools and quickens the Blood
  • Rx. Angelica Sinensis / Dang Gui – quickens the Blood and helps alleviate pain
  • Resinae Myrrh / Mo Yao – quickens the Blood, relieves pain, disperses swelling, engenders flesh
  • Sm. Bruceae / Ya Dan Zi – clears Heat and resolves Toxins
  • Nidus Vespae / Lu Feng Fang – attacks Toxins, relieves pain, alleviates Wind
  • Rx. Glycyrrhizae / Gan Cao – relaxes tension, alleviates pain

When hands or heels are cracked so deeply that they’re bleeding, Purple Cloud Ointment will help put a stop to it.

It absorbs quickly. And unlike the majority of over-the-counter moisturizers, it’s not greasy. You can get things handled without slippage. Made from an all natural, proprietary blend of herbs, oils, and beeswax, it works gently with your body to promote quicker healing and stop the irritation.

Purple Cloud Ointment has also been traditionally used to help treat frostbite, burns, slow-healing wounds, bed sores, fever blisters, eczema, hemorrhoids, diaper rash, insect bites, dermatitis, psoriasis, granulation and itching of skin lesions.

The best testimonial I’ve received on my product so far has been from my auto mechanic. His feet were cracked so badly that he couldn’t walk barefoot on his carpet. The cracks would snag on fibers of the carpet. (Can you even imagine? Yeesh!) After two weeks of daily applications, he could walk on his carpet without socks and without worries.

Terry Fox, L.Ac putting Purple Cloud Ointment on his hand. (Don’t worry. It’s not as messy as it looks!)


Purple Cloud Ointment stories

I’ve also had a neo-natal Nurse use it to help reduce the inflammation and redness of the granulomas on her hands. Granulomas generally aren’t contagious, they but can look nasty. New mothers wouldn’t allow this poor nurse to care for their babies because her hands look so awful. They didn’t want her touching their children. After a couple of weeks of regular application, the majority of the redness and inflammation had gone away. New mothers did not hassle her when she put her hands on their newborn. Needless to say, she was very grateful for finding Purple Cloud Ointment.

I had the friend of a friend approach me about whether or not I had any “Chinese Magic” for burns. She had received a nasty burn on her upper arm from a hot iron. I supplied her with a small sample of Purple Cloud ointment. She applied the ointment to the burn daily. And within a week, she saw a great reduction in the pain and inflammation. She also was surprised by how quickly the tissue was regenerating.

A word of caution though, this product is for external use only. Please don’t eat it. It doesn’t taste good at all. Also, be careful about applying it near lighter colored or white fabrics. It does have the potential to stain. But from what I’ve found, if it does stain, the stain can be removed relatively easily.

Purple Cloud Ointment - ASOMFor your convenience, I offer Purple Cloud Ointment in three sizes to fit your individual needs. A travel size 1/4 oz jar that is great for keeping in your pocket or purse. A 1 oz jar for the person dealing with a moderate amount of dry skin. And a 2 oz jar, for those who are seriously struggling with chronic cracking and dryness.

If you’d like to get your own jar of Purple Cloud Ointment, click here.  Or call 970-633-0199 and I’ll get you hooked up.