“Rejuvenation” and “Prejuvenation” are terms used skincare and aesthetics but they’re different concepts.

Tox Companies (like AbbVie) and Injectors are now promoting the idea of “prejuventation” to younger women. We’re talking twenty year olds and teenagers here. In my opinion, this is reminiscent of the tobacco companies back in the 1980’s. Hook them young and you’ve got a customer for life.

So what’s the difference between “Rejuvenation” and “Prejuvenation?” They’re both terms used in skincare and aesthetics. But they’re different concepts.

Rejuvenation is a process of restoration that makes something appear younger and more vital. In the context of skincare and beauty, it usually involves treatments aimed at reversing signs of aging, like reducing wrinkles, improving skin texture, or restoring volume to areas that may have lost elasticity or fullness.

The typical idea in our culture is that rejuvenation happens through cosmetic surgery, Botox, dermal fillers, laser treatments, chemical peels, and various skincare routines.

Prejuvenation is a term that has emerged in the field of aesthetics and skincare to describe proactive measures taken to prevent or delay the signs of aging before they become noticeable. The idea is to start skincare and wellness practices early in life to maintain youthful skin and overall appearance.

Prejuvenation strategies include adopting a comprehensive skincare routine, practicing sun protection, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and considering minimally invasive cosmetic procedures as preventive measures rather than reactive ones. The focus is on preserving and promoting youthful qualities rather than reversing the effects of aging. (Unfortunately, Injectors are taking advantage of this idea and associating it with the use of poison.)

So, while Rejuvenation involves addressing and reversing signs of aging that have already occurred, Prejuvenation is all about taking preventative steps to maintain a youthful appearance and delay the onset of visible aging.

Both concepts play a role in the broader field of aesthetics and wellness, allowing individuals to choose approaches that align with their preferences and goals.

Because the AcuFox Aesthetic System in rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, it amazingly offers both simultaneously.

Prejuvenation falls under the Fox Haven Aesthetics mantra of “Health is Beauty.” And by health, I mean utilizing food as medicine, emotional regulation, Qi Gong exercise, breathwork, mindfulness, and other forms of personal development and cultivation. I coach my patients on these things as it relates to their face, skin, and overall appearance. Your outside directly reflects your inside. By promoting your own health and wellness, you’re slowing down the clock and preventing the big signs of aging.

Rejuvenation comes as we apply Acupuncture, MicroNeedling, Massage, Light Therapy, Herbal Masks, Tuning Forks, Magnets, E-stim, Herbal Masks, Gua Sha, and Jade Rollers. These techniques increase local circulation, collagen and elastin production, lymphatic flow, and cellular turnover. And when these things happen it creates the ideal conditions for cellular regeneration. Which then, of course, reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin complexion and texture.

And, the big difference here is that it’s all done toxin free. You’re not adding more toxic load to your body. You’re not risking Iatrogenic Botulism Poisoning and all the autoimmune issues that come with it. You’re not stifling your emotional expression. Nor interfering with non-verbal interpersonal communication.

When you engage Aesthetic Facial Acupuncture, and all that comes with it, you’re working with your body’s innate capacity for rejuvenation. Not against it. You’re enlivening the tissue. Not freezing it. You’re not masking your aging. You’re remaining true to yourself. You’re being authentic self. (That’s Prejuvenation.) And that’s a beautiful thing!