From Aesthetics to Trigger Points, Injection Therapy helps you look and feel better.

Injection Therapy

Injection Therapy at Fox Haven Aesthetics is performed by a Licensed Acupuncturist certified in Clean Needle Technique.

Depending upon your needs and unique presentation, we offer a handful of different Injection Therapy techniques.

B12 Shots – Vitamin B-12 (cobalamin) plays a major role in the formation of red blood cells, nerve functionality, cell metabolism, and production of DNA. From the Traditional Chinese Medicine lens, we recognize B12 as a “Blood Tonic.” At Fox Haven Aesthetics, we never use the synthetic form of B12, cyanocobalamin. We only administer methylcobalamin or hydroxocobalamin. And where possible, we try to keep our B12 preservative free.

Acupoint Injection – By injecting acupuncture points with saline, bio-static water, or sterile homeopathic remedies, we can get stronger, longer lasting stimulation of the acupoint.

Trigger Point Injection – Pioneered by Dr. Janet Travell, this method is the pre-cursor to Dry Needling. This technique can be quite effective for pain relief. A “knot” in the muscle is injected with saline to moisten it. This creates a release and reduces the pain.

Aesthetic Injections – No Botox here. We’re Biolifting and Biofirming with sterile homeopathic remedies from Guna. We inject into the lines and wrinkles to better nourish the tissue and promote collagen production.

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